What We Do


Our team at Twomeys offer extensive experience on mine site throughout the world providing a vast knowledge and understanding in all things mining.

Your plant needs to operate at maximum efficiency to maintain production. Our teams knowledge obtained over many years from many sites, ensures you get the right solutions delivered to your budget.

Fabrication on site or at our workshop starts with yours or our drafting and engineering, quality paperwork to met your site requirements and standards. Have a look at our past projects under the Success Stories tab for a better idea of capability.

Twomeys Labour Hire is about more than just getting the required number of heads for our present or future projects. Twomeys focusses on qualified, experienced workers with proven credentials and the right attitude.

Twomeys have sourced all over WA to deliver an experienced and knowledgeable team with our customer needs in mind.

Our supervisors have a proven track record including relevant experience, high safety focus, together with sound people management skills to handle any project.

We work with a team-oriented mindset that with the backup of our qualified and experienced Tradespeople, open communication with our customers and high safety awareness means we do what we say we are going to do.

To make life easier for your admin team, our systems deliver tailor made paperwork to your admin team, exactly as they require.

Twomeys is also searching constantly for new innovations in both internal functions and products that will assist our customers. An example of our latest innovation is new product called LIS = Liner Intelligent System. The LIS provides constant monitoring of Mill Liner wear without the need to stop the Mill. This product was developed in South Africa and Twomeys has the distribution rights for Australia. See more on the Innovation page.